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About danish actor Joachim Jepsen

I am a danish actor and comedian working primarily with film, television and streaming media (IMDB).

Best known for playing the main characters in the tv-series Nyt fra Jylland (DR2) and Kødkataloget (DR3).  I have also worked as writer, director and actor of sketchcomedy for DR2, Ramasjang Radio,, DR-P3 and TV2 Zulu.

I studying method acting at Holberg School of Theatre and Film acting in Copenhagen for 3 years and at Escola Técnica de Artes in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  I also have a master degree in Mediastudies from The University of Copenhagen.

Alongside my acting career I am part of a Comedy Duo, which has written and played the main characters in the tv series “Nyt fra Jylland”.  In 2021 we have a total of more than 40 million view online – and in 2017-2018 we did a danish national tour with the featurelength comedy liveshow “HOLD HOLD HOLD Tour”.

I also work freelance with communication training and forum theatre.

I am a member of The Danish Actors Association.

Recent work

Playing a character in a new major DR1 tv-series during the year

tv-series Hooligan released for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation

tv-commercial for Jem og Fix

Playing the character Christian in the tv-series Hooligan for DR3

Playing the title character in the webseries about the life of H.C. Hagedorn for the Novo Nordisk Foundation

A short sketch for the main channel af Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR1)

Forum theatre for the Metro Company

Shooting a new tv-series for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR3

Shooting a new actionpacked tv-series in Lithuania (2022)

New showreel for 2021!

Campaign for Telia mobile company

Eastercampaign for COOP supermarkets 2021

Informational video for the Danish Safety Technology Authority (Sikkerhedsstyrelsen)

Shooting sketch for DR-Satire at The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR).

Forumteater for Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR)'.

Premiere of 35 mm film 'Diamantpigen'.

Xmas shows for

Campaign movie for several boroughs in Jutland. Keep an eye out for sneaky burglars in chosen cinemas in Jutland after december 1st 🙂

Acting as part of the first clinical trial using Exposure Therapy to treat anxiety with the help of Virtual Realit with leading Virtual Reality Company Khora VR

Forum Theatre for Municipality of Sorø with 'Det Interaktive Teater'.

Shooting Virtual Reality film with Khora VR

Christmas improshows with Eventkompagniet

Diamantpigen - 35mm Shortfilm (post)

Liveshow at annual DEMC conference at Rasisson Blu Hotel in Aarhus.

Commercial for Drømmeland.

Hold Hold Hold Tour - National Danish comedy tour part II

Press Play for Mord - DR Radiodrama podcast

Klarsyn på P3 - Hosting a weekly comedyshow for The Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR/P3)

Nyt fra Jylland Hold Hold Hold Tour - National Danish comedy tour part. I

Performing at ‘Årets Nordjyde 2017’ in Musikkens Hus i Aalborg

Swish tv.commercial for Ramseier

Tv commercial for Anthon Berg

Tv commercial for Netto

Live comedy shows at different Danish musicfestivals with Nyt fra Jylland

Producing an online Campaign for Vestegnens Trafiksikkerhedsråd.

Starting own production company - Spearmint ApS.

Danish actor – Joachim Jepsen

Showreel for actor Joachim Jepsen

Voice Samples (danish voice actor Joachim Jepsen)

Curriculum vitae

Film / tv

ProductionCharacter Director Company
Carmen CurlersBusinessmanJosefine KirkeskovDR1 (2022)
The Viking (tv-series)PrisonguardPeter AnthonyViaplay (2022)
Captain for Life (webseries)H.C. Hagedorn (lead)Mateo Matthias NielsenNovo Nordisk Foundation webseries (2021)
Hooligan (tv-series)ChristianEmil FalkeNational DR3 (2021)
Diamantpigen (35mm)FrankSimon WasiolekInvictus Film (2019)
The Lost Ones (featurefilm)The PostmanDariusz SteinessDK Fiktion (2018)
Nyt fra Jylland (TV-series)Var. characters (lead)Claus SpendserDanish Broadcasting Corporation (DR2) (2015)
Go Lorte WeekendVar. charactersLars HammerImmergut / DR Ultra (2018)
Kødkataloget seasons I+II (TV-series)Ulrik (lead)Tea LindeburgNational DR2 (2013-14)
Funny HaHa Seasons 1-4Various sketches (lead)Joachim JepsenNational TV2 Zulu (2012-13)
DicteJournalistKasper BarfoedNational TV2 (2013)
Live fra BremenUndertaker sketchThomas MørkNationalTV2 (2012)
Pirat på DR2 (sketchshow)Various characters (lead)Bruun & TrangbækNational DR2 (2010)
Stilhedens StemmeChristianMads Kamp ThulstrupEnklave Film (1999)

Theatre / Liveperformance

Show / PerformanceCharacter Directer Venue
HOLD HOLD HOLD - National TourVar. characters (main)Nyt fra JyllandVarious venues around Denmark (2018)
Girls you'll hear better in here!The RabbitTitta SoiniDansescenen & Baltoppen (2009-10)
Roberto ZuccoThe BrotherMalte Claudio LindTeater 2-2-0-0 (2010)
La Marea - METROPOLISEnsembleMariano PensottiKøbenhavns Internationale Teater (2009)
The SuicidePoul- Erik GraversenHans HenriksenAalborg Theatre (2009)
The All Ego ShowVar. charactersStuart LynchKaleidoskop (2008)
Change of ManManMin TanakaDance Hakushu, Japan (2008)


ProgrammeCharacter DirectorChannel
R8Dio (Undskyld Vi Roder)Kommunaldirektør VagnKasper Nielsen & Brian LykkePodcast (2022)
Press Play for MordHeiniKræsten KuskDanish Broadcasting Corporation, Radiodrama (DR) (2018)
Klarsyn på P3HostJoachim Jepsen and othersDanish Broadcasting Corporation (DR P3) (2017)
Grænseskridende Underholdning i Tomgang (CD)Var. sketchesDet Sorte UrWarner Music (2011)
Ramasjang Radio12 sketchesJoachim JepsenDanish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) (2011)
Det Sorte Ur+50 SketchesJoachim JepsenDanish Broadcasting Corporation (DR P3) (2010-11)


  • Method acting studies for 3 years at Holberg theatre and film acting school in Copenhagen (2006-2009)
  • Acting studies at Escola Técnica de Artes, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilien: ‘Curso Profissionalizante de Ator’ (2005-2006)
  • University of Copenhagen: Master degree in Media Studies  (1997-2005)
  • The European Film College, Ebeltoft (1996-1997)

Courses & training

  • Casting Workshop w/ Rie Hedegaard (2017)
  • Comedy studytrip to London with the Danish Actors Association (2013)
  • Voice training with Lisbeth Holdt Jørgensen (2011)
  • Filmseminar with Danish Actors Association (2011)
  • Dubbing courses I & II / Odsherred Teater / Underviser:  Lars Thiesgaard (2010)
  • Theatre Switch Training (TST) / Stuart Lynch
  • Meisner-technique course – Teacher: Ditte Maria Le-Fevre (2008)
  • ‘Min Tanaka Butoh Summerworkshop’, 6 weeks / Hakushu, Japan / Course director:  Min Tanaka (2008)
  • Forum Theatre acting course / Charlotte Juul (2007)

Special skills

  • Comedywriter
  • Teaching development of sketches for radio and tv
  • Forum theatre and communication training
  • Drivers licence: Car and motorbike
  • Sports:  Snowboarding, football/soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Tabletennis, Yatching, Diving (Advanced Padi)
  • Languages (fluent):  Danish and English
  • Languages (Conversation):  Portuguese (Brasilian), German

Personlige data

  • Playing age: 35 – 50
  • Color of eyes: Blue/green/grey
  • Color of hair: Dark blonde
  • Height:  187 cm
  • Weight: 89 kg
  • Jeans size:  34W/34L
  • Shirt size: L (42)
  • Shoe size: 44,5 Europe (10,5 US)